Soft tissue/muscle massage

Treatment can vary in intensity depending on each patient’s preference, from deep massage to relieve stiffness after training or competition, to much gentler techniques.

Joint articulation and stretching movements

To help the body regain a good range of movement, to disperse swelling and inflammation, to relax muscles and to help the body re-learn movement patterns.

Specific joint manipulation

To rapidly improve muscle tone, give instant relief in some conditions, and also improve the quality of joint movements.  According to the Medical Research Council (an independent body established by the Government to analyse all health care methods), this technique when combined with an exercise regime was better than standard ‘best care’ for back pain (British Medical Journal BMJ 2004;329:1377).

Cranial osteopathy

...and other similar balancing techniques, which aim to correct and improve subtle strains, especially in the head and spine.  The practitioner uses fine palpation (touch) and very gentle pressure to identify and correct the anatomical stresses and strains that may predispose the patient to a problem and maintain it.


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